Sunday, April 11, 2010

BDC Service in SharePoint 2010

How to create Business Data Connectivity Service Application ?

BCS in SharePoint 2010 is all about connecting with external data. You can leverage SharePoint 2010 BCS component and manipulate with your external data with just a few clicks. In order to use external data in SharePoint 2010 you should have BDC Service up and running.

* Go to SharePoint Central Admin

* Click on 'Manage Service Application' under Application Management heading.

* On Ribbon, click on New dropdown then click on Business Data Connectivity.

* A pop up will be opened where you fill out the necessary information then click OK.

* If there is no problem connecting with DB or Service Account, a message will be displayed "BDC Service Application has been created successfully".

* When the service applications are created they are not started by default. You have to Start the Business Data Connectivity Service manually.

* Go to Central Admin and click on 'Manage Services on Server' under System Settings heading.

* Click on Start against Business Data Connectivity Service.

That's It!!!

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