Thursday, September 13, 2012

InfoPath Form Opens up in Client after site backup and restore

InfoPath Web Based Form Opens up in a Client after site collection backup and restore


I encountered a small issue with InfoPath 2010 Form. I created a form and published to Form Library in SharePoint 2010. Its a browser based form and working fine with no issues at all.
We took a backup of site collection (where the form library exists) and restored to a new url.
Everything else was working fine except InfoPath form. This form does not open up in a browser infact opens up in an InfoPath client.


After bit of a research I was able to fix the problem.
  • In the new site collection, go to Site Collection Features.
  • Deactivate SharePoint Server Enterprise Site Collection features
  • Go to Site Features.
  • Deactivate SharePoint Server Enterprise Site features
  • Activate SharePoint Server Enterprise Site features
  • Go to Site Collection Features
  • Activate SharePoint Server Enterprise Site Collection features
Probably sequence does not matter but this is what I did and it worked for me.


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

SharePoint 2010 Anonoymous Access and List Web Part with Custom XSLT

A SharePoint 2010 Site with Anonymous Access has a List Web Part or any web part that has custom XSLT applied, Anonymous user will get access denied. It will work fine for logged on user.


I have a SharePoint 2010 public site and it has Anonymous Access enabled.
On the Landing page I added a List Web Part based on the custom list I created to store announcement information or Ads information. So its a "Landing Page Ads" list.

I added a Landing Page Ads list web part on the page, assigned the custom xslt url in the Miscellaneous section under XSL Link i.e. /Anything/Anything.xsl

After assigning the custom xsl link, this web part is supposed to display list items in a rotating fashion or like a carousel. It works find for the logged on user but for anonymous user it won't work, displays access denied message for that web part. Rest of the content/web parts on the page will display with no problem.

The solution which works in my case: I edited the landing page in SharePoint Designer.

After "< /datafields >" add these tags "< xsl >< /xsl >" and copy the code from Anything.xsl and paste it between "< xsl >< /xsl >"

Save the file and check your landing page with Anonymous access, it should work fine and should not display Access Denied error.


Thursday, February 23, 2012

SharePoint RegistrationID's

SharePoint Registration IDs reference to build Custom Actions

nvalidType = -1
GenericList = 100
DocumentLibrary = 101
Survey = 102
Links = 103
Announcements = 104
Contacts = 105
Events = 106
Tasks = 107
DiscussionBoard = 108
PictureLibrary = 109
DataSources = 110
WebTemplateCatalog = 111
UserInformation = 112
WebPartCatalog = 113
ListTemplateCatalog = 114
XMLForm = 115
MasterPageCatalog = 116
NoCodeWorkflows = 117
WorkflowProcess = 118
WebPageLibrary = 119
CustomGrid = 120
DataConnectionLibrary = 130
WorkflowHistory = 140
GanttTasks = 150
Meetings = 200
Agenda = 201
MeetingUser = 202
Decision = 204
MeetingObjective = 207
TextBox = 210
ThingsToBring = 211
HomePageLibrary = 212
Posts = 301
Comments = 302
Categories = 303
Pages = 850
IssueTracking = 1100
AdminTasks = 1200

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Thanks to Nandini