Monday, May 10, 2010

Imtech Content Query Web Part Paging - on bottom right side.

How to display Paging Control in Imtech CQWP - Display on the bottom right side?

I wanted to implement paging on a Content Query Web Part. I came across Imtech Content Query Web Part which provides paging functionality. The issue with this web part is that it shows paging control at the top left corner and the docs are displayed below. My requirement was to display paging control on the bottom right side and docs should be displayed above the paging control.
In order to achieve this, I had to customize style sheets provided by Imtech CQWP web part.

1. Open SharePoint Designer 2010, then click on All Files --> Style Library -->XSL Style Sheets
2. Open the ImtechItemStyle.xsl file and select the code highlighted in the below image and cut (CTRL X) it.

3. Open the ImtechContentQueryMain.xsl file and paste the code before end of ForEach loop as shown in the image below.

4. Save both the files ImtechContentQueryMain.xsl and ImtechItemStyle.xsl. Add Imtech Content Query Web Part on the page. Point these style sheets in the web part properties. You will see the paging control on the bottom right corner of the control.


Anonymous said...

Doesn't work.

Anonymous said...

Can you share custom XSLs?

Maya said...

i tried it and it is now working. please do this:

remove this from itemstyle:

and place this in content query main, after the closing of the main for-each:

Maya said...

i don't know why the text is hidden, i will re-post

Maya said...
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